Air Condition Repair

Air conditioners are essential with today’s soaring temperatures and muggy humidity. Although one of these is great to have, it can break down just like any other appliance can. Fortunately if you get your a/c fixed right away you can avoid costly issues in the future and having to purchase a brand new unit. Here are some of the most common air condition repairs that people get today:

1. A/C Isn’t Cooling

When you turn on your cooling unit you expect it to blast cold air, right Jennair Appliance Repair Los Angeles? Well, if this isn’t happening for you, then you need to have your unit checked out by a professional. There could be a number of different things going on that cause this to happen. For example, the evaporator inside of the conditioner could be dirty. If cleaning this doesn’t happen, then a different internal issue could be happening. Most professional repairers can determine what is wrong after running just a couple of tests.

2. Unit Keeps Shutting Off

If your air conditioning unit keeps turning off, then there could be a few things causing this. The first would be a dirty evaporator, but if that isn’t the issue then your condenser unit could be blocked. A professional cleaning will generally get rid of any dirt and grime so a technician can better determine what needs to be done to get the unit running smoothly once again. Dealing with having to turn the a/c on every once in a while is something you should avoid. The sooner you figure out what is going on, the better of a chance you have of saving it.

3. Frozen A/C

While you want your air conditioner to be cold, you probably don’t want it to freeze! So, if your unit is frozen over and looks like it belongs in the arctic; it’s time to see what is going on. Fortunately this is a really easy repair issue that you can probably fix yourself. First you just need to turn your unit off so that it’s not running cold air any longer. After this, take a hair dryer and blow the hot air over the ice until it starts melting.

It’s helpful to have a towel underneath to catch any water that drops off. This could help fix circulation issues you’ve been having as well, so do this right away if you notice ice on any of your coils or on your unit at all. If the freezing continues after you’ve done this, then it might be time to seek professional help to determine what is going on.

4. Leaking from the Unit

If you are seeing leaking periodically, then you might want to check the refrigerant levels of the unit. If these are not accurate or the unit isn’t properly charged, then that could be the reason for the leak. Since this can be tricky to deal with, you might want to call a technician in to help solve the problem.

Air condition repair can be simple, but it can also be complicated. Judge for yourself whether you need to call in a professional’s help or not. There are fixes you can do on your own, but there are also fixes that should be done by a trained professional.

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